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Whatever your budget you won't go hungry or thirsty in Halifax. There is hardly a street in the town centre which does not possess a sandwich shop, not to mention the multitude of delicatessens, takeaways, cafes and restaurants.


As for pubs, at one time studies revealed that Halifax had one of the highest densities of pubs per head of population in the country. Even these days when the pub trade is struggling and pubs are closing there is still a huge choice of drinking establishments in the town.


There is the usual range of establishments, from the chains selling beer at cheaper prices to the small, independant pubs selling a good range of real ales.  A good site to see a pretty full list of pubs in Halifax is www.pubutopia.com (but it can be a little out of date and it's best to ignore the reviews and form your own opinions !).


Around Bull Green roundabout (at the top of George's Square) you will find enough to keep you going for a full night on its own, with pubs like the Plummet Line, Salvation, Lewins, Bar 15 (formerly WCs in reference to its previous use as a public toilet), Wetherspoons and Brasserie at the Bull (which is a gastropub).


Elsewhere in town there are many more pubs and clubs to choose from. If you prefer a variety of real ales you might like to try the Three Pigeons at the bottom end of town or for good food and beer, the Shears at Paris Gates, hidden away amongst the historic mills down by the Hebble Brook (and on the Hebble Trail).


It's not possible to keep an up to date list of all the restaurants in Halifax, so here's a link to give you an idea.  




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